why i do it »
  all of the above
before you say i do
break my heart
carry me away
fairy tales
her time to dance

here and now
how can You still love me
i just missed her
why i do it

Since 1986, i've been writing songs, both praise songs and solo work. For whatever reason, people have implied that God has gifted me. They say that God has used my stuff to help them see His Son more clearly and to realize that they are not alone in the trials they are experiencing.

For there are always famines in the faith.

So... here's some of the songs in mp3 form, along with a brief summary of what each are about (just 'click' on any of the above titles and the summary will appear, along with links to the mp3 and lyrics). They are definitely raw, both vocally and musically... but if they can help or encourage you, praise God.
If not-- hey, they're free, don't complain.

So why do i do it? I don't really know... probably just because i can do something i love to do; how cool is that!

if only
inside out
new horizon
night light
no one but You
not my will
waiting in covington
hume lake OE middle school romance
i'm thankful, yes i am