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ENTRY DATE: february 26*, 2002


From the February 26 update of the Latest Paco Adventures...

The other night i took my lady to see the Lion King at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles.
It was really a great show-- the costumes were amazing, and some of the set designs and ideas were incredible.
It was an awesome night.

Crazy thing is, we met 3 street kids outside the theatre waiting for the doors to open.

And to make a long story short, it was interesting how "normal" they were. They reminded me of the kids i have in my upper-middle class Christian junior high classroom in Ventura.

Except these ones were homeless.

They were nice, too; took our picture for us, smiled at us... spoke to us like people who mattered.

Just like they matter.
We bought 'em some hot chocolate and a sandwich (for the girl who was pregnant)...

... and as i sit here listening to Edwin McCain on headphones attached to my computer, creating website pages in the comfort of my own room, surrounded by pictures of my beautiful fiance and clothes and food and... whatever else i ever needed and had the means to get...

... i wonder where they are now, and if i really did enough.
Do we ever do enough?

And yet Jesus healed people He never saw again... 
here on earth... 
as He passed from town to town.

And He loved them with passion and purpose, even for a few moments in time.

So yes, it's enough, even for a few moments in time.
So don't be afraid to smile at-- maybe give a bite to eat to-- someone you may never see again... 

...and show them Christ... on earth.



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