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ENTRY DATE: february 11, 2002


Standing in line for a new ride at Magic Mountain is hard enough without 3 guys and a gal lighting up their cigarettes and celebrating "CancerFest 2002." Can you imagine their rudeness? Couldn't they wait a bit? And then when they finish, they throw their butts on the ground-- so that others have to pick up their trash.
So lame!
So we all-- all of us surrounding them-- make sure to keep our distance, maintain our space as they spew their lung-killing venom into our clean Southern California air (is that an oximoron?).

Imagine if they had read my shirt:
"Black Lake Bible Camp."

So all they saw was: another Christian looking at them with eyes of disgust. Another Christian judging them. Another Christian keeping his distance.
Another Christian condeming them without even knowing their names.
I'd keep smoking, too.

And when we asked one of them to take a picture of us?
"Sure!" he said with a smile on his face.

"Stop judging others, and you will not be judged."
· Matthew 7:1 ·



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