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ENTRY DATE: october 30 , 2002


The NBA season kicked off tonight.

The Sacramento Kings began their season at home, and before the game they unveiled the Pacific Division Champions banner, hanging in the rafters of the Arco Arena.
Team owner Joe Maloof, upon unveiling the banner, said to the raucous crowd:

"The banner up there is great, but it's not what we want.
You know what we want."

They don't just want to be Division Champions.
They want it all.

What do you want in your faith?

In Revelation chapter 2, God says to the church of Ephesus:
"I remember your perseverance and the things you've done,
yet i hold one thing against you:
you have forsaken your First Love."

Don't just persevere.
Don't just do great things for Christ.

Desire more.
Desire it all.
Desire your First Love.



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