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ENTRY DATE: july 17, 2003



Sometimes i wonder what we Christians must look like to people who don't know Christ.

Sometimes i wonder why God allowed His Word to seem so "theologically ambiguous" to so many.

Because there's only one truth about it all. God meant each thought, each idea one certain way. I wonder why He didn't make the way of each thought and idea more obvious, more blatant.

So we argue left from right, right from left, with men and women and churches and denominations and even nations taking their places along the extremes, hell-bent to make their view official.

I know i'm guilty of it at times.

Sometimes i think we forget to really pay attention to some of the things Jesus told His disciples in John 16 and 17.


If people saw unity... if we focused on unity... what would happen?
Admittedly, if we sway too far to the weak side of it then unity becomes tolerance... and contrary to popular belief, Jesus was quite intolerant of a lot of things.

I don't really have resolution for the musings... i'm just wondering aloud.

Perhaps we all just think too much...



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