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ENTRY DATE: october 4 , 2003


Grandma's getting a new dress.

It's gonna be prettier than anything this world could ever think up. No fashion designer could come close to duplicating this dress. There's no imitation.

And grandma's getting dancin' shoes.

The cool thing is, one of my grandmas already has 'em. The other one will soon. And you know what? I'm excited! I'm stoked! Thrilled! Elated!

No word in existence can come close to describing how amazing it is count down the end of a believer's failing body.
Does that sound warped?

I hope not. I hope you don't find it offensive or sick or demented or wrong. Especially not wrong. If you are offended by such an idea, then perhaps it's time you get back to remembering the bottom line of this whole shindig.

God put His will to words a human could understand when He said, "For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost."

He sought my grandmas... both of them... and saved them.
And they are found.

Someone asked me, "Will we know each other in heaven?"
My answer was: I don't care.

I don't care if my grandma remembers me when I get to heaven. I really don't. I don't care if my other granda has no memory whatsoever of who I am. Not one bit. If my wife dies, I don't care if she even remotely recalls a single thing about me.

Don't get me wrong here... yes, I'd miss my wife. I'd hurt. I'd mourn. I'd grieve. I'd wish I'd had more time with her. But to care if she remembered me? To want her to remember me would be utterly selfish. To want her to remember me just ONE percent while in the presence of God would mean she would only be focused ninety-nine percent on Him.
And that's not enough.

The presence of God.

That's where they'll be... in the presence of the Living, loving, wonderfully beautiful God of the universe.

By whose selfish law did I gain the right to care if they remember me once they are with their Lord and Savior, the Precious Christ?

The created thing standing face to face with the Creator...with the Father...

...dancing in His arms.

Grandma's getting a new dress... and she's gonna look spectacular.



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